Integrity Management in HF-alkylation


HF Alkylation is still an attractive and profitable technology for today’s refineries. It allows upgrading of LPG components to a high value gasoline blending component of excellent quality.

There is and has always been public concern for the use of HF acid in refineries. The refinery industry has responded to this public concern in several ways. The major operators of HFA units have cooperated in the development the API Recommended Practice 751 “Safe operation of HF Alkylation units”, containing the best practices used in the industry. The HFA technology licensors have striven to reduce HF-acid inventory and developed more robust units which overall has resulted in a significant reduction of risk.

RP-751 focus is on the industry’s best practices, but there is still a lack of understanding and explanation of the threats due to internal corrosion. The publication of “Integrity Management in HF-alkylation” by Henk Helle addressed this need. But now a completely new book has been published with HF Alkylation-expert Albert van den Bosch. The combined knowledge of both authors has resulted in a new book “Integrity Management in HF Alkylation” which compiles and structures a large volume of HFA experience. It explains in detail how the integrity of a HFA unit can be assured and is partly based on new previously unpublished insight.

This book will be a solid support for the efforts of designers, fabricators, operators and refinery staff in delivering integrity of HF Alkylation units.


The book consists of the following chapters:

  1. Basic concepts of Integrity Management
  2. The HF Alkylation process and its use in refineries
  3. Corrosion Mechanisms in HF-environment
  4. Design aspects affecting Integrity Management
  5. Materials selection and equipment design
  6. Operational aspects affecting Integrity Management
  7. Monitoring and Inspection
  8. Risk Mitigation
  9. Assessment methods of residual risk and cost effectiveness of risk mitigation measures
  10. HF release incidents
  11. Overview of worldwide operating HF Alkylation units

A4-manual, approx. 300 pages, € 950,- ; includes S&H


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