Areas of Expertise

Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas

CorrosionControl.Nu has been active in the development and selection of corrosion inhibition systems and in the design of the corrosion monitoring for the sour, ultra-giant Kashagan field in Kazakhstan. Many fields are similar but corrosion control always requires a dedicated analysis and design. You can benefit from our experience.

Integrity management

Cost/Benefit of Inspection’ or CBI is a method that enhances the gains of RBI. It distinguishes between lower and higher consequence of failure levels and considers cost-effectiveness of examination. CBI will assure robust asset integrity at lower costs than traditional methods can.

  • Use the functional specifications and performance standards for the robustness of pressure containing equipment.
  • Determine the operating windows that assure compliance with the performance standards.
  • Determine and design the verification and monitoring system that delivers integrity assurance.
  • Implements cost/benefit analysis to ensure ALARP is met but not exceeded.

In this way, CBI can result in a significant reduction of integrity management resources that would typically be required when only RBI-programs are applied. In the Oil&Gas and the process industries the benefits can be substantial.

Corrosion monitoring & inspection management

A corrosion monitoring system may have several, sometimes entirely different purposes:

  • To verify the presence and the effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitor.
  • To monitor the occurrence or conditions favoring specific corrosion processes at specific locations.
  • To monitor the loss of equipment wall thickness and equipment integrity in a range of identified susceptible locations

Ideally, a monitoring system in a project is conceived during FEED and it develops as engineering and design progress. This should result in a monitoring system that is both efficient and effective; that does not stretch the integrity management resources and precludes undetected critical corrosion.

We are experts, both for systems in existing facilities and for new projects.

Failure and Potential Failure Analysis

  • Failure analysis
  • Root-cause analysis

Corrosion Control

  • Corrosion Likelyhood Assessment
  • Corrosion Risk Assessment
  • Corrosion Mitigation & Prevention Methods
  • Corrosion Rate Monitoring & Inhibitor Effectiveness